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Do you suffer from

  • A Sports Injury?
  • Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Problems?
  • Chronic Pain?
  • Pelvic Pain?
  • Getting back on your feet after surgery, falls or illness? Or Stiffness?
  • Loss of fitness and strength?
  • Sleep deprivation and not feeling well?

We can provide

  • Hands on Manual Physiotherapy Exercise Programs
  • for all ages
  • on land and in water
  • for Neurological, Chronic Pain, Orthopaedic and Post Surgery Patients
  • Using diverse techniques
  • Hydrotherapy Physio One-on-one and Group Classes in the Hydrotherapy Pool in Chermside to regain and maintain lifestyle independence
  • Acupuncture / Dry Needling and Ultrasound / Taping for Chronic Pain, Sports Injury, Arthritic and Musculoskeletal Management
  • Clinical Pilates rehabilitation exercises
  • Reconditioning, Post Op/Falls. Strengthening and Balance Re-education

Do You Want To

  • Rehabilitate your Sports Injury?
  • Manage your Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Problems?
  • Manage your Chronic Pain?
  • Get back on your feet after surgery, falls or illness?
  • Manage your stiffness better?
  • Enjoy life more by becoming fitter and stronger?
  • Improve your sleep and wellbeing?
  • Have a complimentary land- and water-based program to improve rehab results?

We Can Provide

  • Exercise Programs for all ages on land and in water
  • Hands on Manual Therapy Rooms Physiotherapy treatment
  • On-land and In Water Rehabilitation Services for Neurological, Chronic Pain, Orthopaedic and Post Surgery Patients
  • Hydrotherapy Physio Group Classes using evidence-based and Pilates Principles
  • Aquatic Physio Individual Treatment and rehabilitation
  • Physio Warm water wellness to regain and maintain lifestyle independence for all ages
  • Clinical Pilates rehabilitation exercises
  • Acupuncture / Dry Needling and Ultrasound / Taping for Chronic Pain, Sports Injury, Arthritic and Musculoskeletal Management
  • Reconditioning, Post Op/Falls
  • Strengthening and Balance Re-education

Mary Anne Rock

About Me

Mary Anne Rock

Physiotherapist and Practice Principal

I have a passion for providing professional, personalised and evidence-based Physiotherapy care on Land and in Hydrotherapy Pools. For many years I have had great satisfaction working in private practice around the northside of Brisbane as well as my own.

For 40+ years I have accumulated extensive experience in hospitals, community practice and private practice since, and also had extensive post-grad education.

I use hands on manual/exercise therapy to reduce pain, improve strength, mobility and independence.

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pensioners doing hydro therapy exercises with pool noodles

Hydrotherapy – also called Aquatic Physiotherapy – is an evidence-based treatment modality that is generally much underrated as an adjunct to traditional Physiotherapy In-Rooms Manual and Exercise Therapy treatment. 

You do not need to be able to swim
Aqua Therapy does not involve swimming or submerging your head and can be done in the 1.2 m shallow part of the pool or in the deep water 1.6m end of the pool with a floatation device.

Pool sessions are 15 to 60 minutes and are available in a one-on-one or group environment. Pools are easily accessible.

Sessions are held Mon, Wed and Fri from 1-3pm at the Chermside Aquatic Center.

Conditions that benefit from One-on-One Aquatic Physio

individual one on one aqua therapy session with swim collar helper
  • Rehabilitation post-Stroke/ Surgery / Total Knee or Hip Replacement
  • Strengthening + Reconditioning after prolonged Medical or Multiple Trauma problem
  • Mobility and Balance Problems/Falls prevention Management,
  • Strengthening Rehab post Back Pain or Surgery
  • Chronic Pain Management /Muscle Relaxation
  • Gentle supported strengthening for severe Arthritis
empty indoor pool

Hydrotherapy is also used for:

Post Op Orthopaedic Rehab Conditions
  • Arthroscopies
  • Tibial Osteotomies
  • Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery
  • Laminectomies/ Back Surgery
  • Multi-Trauma Rehab after – Car or Bike Accident, Multiple Fractures, Pelvic fractures, Workplace injuries
  • Strengthening and improvement of Joint Range
  • Improvement of swelling in arms and especially legs
  • Early partial weight-bearing post fracture exercise
  • Improved balance and coordination
pensioners doing hydrotherapy exercises with weights in pool
wide image empty pool interior
And Arthritic Conditions
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Scleroderma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bursitis/ Tendinitis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Hydrotherapy Physio



$20 per class for casual visits for 30 minutes
S18 per class with the $180 10 Visit Pass Card

Prices include the $5 pool entry fee.


$45 / $85 / $175 for 15 / 30 / 60 minute sessions. Prices include the $5 pool entry fee.

INDIVIDUAL One-on-one Pool Session with Aquatic Physiotherapist
Room Assessment prior to pool session


Mobile EFTPOS available at pool.

Provider No. 200230RK
NDIS / Medicare EPC Careplan / WorkCover / DVA Patients
Aquatic Physio


Pool Location

Chermside Indoor Aquatic Centre
357 Hamilton Rd, Chermside Qld 4032
(next to Chermside Library)

Hydrotherapy Times

Mon, Wed and Fri from 1-3pm

Pool Info

Pool Access is via ramp or stairs with rails both sides. We are in a heated pool with 32-34 degrees. Exercises take place in 1.2m to 1.6m depth for shallow or deep water exercises. An extensive array of Aquatic Equipment is provided.

General Info

All levels of abilities are catered for from post op to reconditioning, to general exercise/lifestyle maintenance.
All clients have a Screening Questionnaire to fill out before entering the pool.
Australian Physio Association Member Provider Number

Get Rid of Pain and Stiffness and Loosen
Up while you Strengthen Up

Care Physio
Our Hands-on Manual


Back Physio Treatment with x-ray visualized spine
  • Often a Room Assessment is necessary to clarify any underlying past problems which may be holding up progress
  • Please call if you are not sure whether there is a need for a Clinical Room- or Aqua-based treatment

Physiotherapists use many techniques

  • Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation
  • Hands-on Manual Therapy Spinal Mobilisation
  • Acupuncture and Dry Needling
  • Taping
  • Work and Sports Injuries
  • Workplace Ergonomic Assessment
  • Vestibular Rehab / Vertigo / Dizziness Treatment
  • Whiplash and Chronic Pain
  • Falls Prevention
  • Orthopaedic and Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Room sessions in the land-based practice are 45 minutes to facilitate accurate assessment and ensure thorough treatment for maximum progress and return to work, sport or lifestyle.
  • We apply either a Clinical Room only or a combination of Clinical Room and Hydrotherapy for maximum effect



$105 Initial Assessment consult
$85 Standard consult
$170 Extended consult per hour
Provider No. 200230RK
Medicare / Hicaps, Medicare EPC Careplan, Eftpos for NDIS, WorkCover and DVA Patients
Australian Physio Association Member Provider Number


Unit 8/38 Beneke Street,
Chermside, QLD 4032
Parking at the door / disabled access

Opening Times

  • Mon – Fri
    7am to 7pm by appointment
  • Saturday
    7am – 7pm by appointment
We are

provider for

NDIS / Medicare EPC Careplan / WorkCover / DVA Patients

Provider No. 200230RK

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We have many happy patients that we were able to help.

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Diego M.

Wavell Heights, Qld

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Mary Anne treated my fasciitis and left knee pain, which in turn fixed also my back pain. This gave me my life without pain back. I highly recommend Mary Anne for all Physio needs. Thanks!

Mary R.

Wavell Heights, Qld

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Over the last few years, Mary Anne has successfully treated myself and my family for a range of body problems. She’s a miracle worker!”

Wayne C.

Boondall, Qld

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I have been a client of Mary Anne’s for many years, I often refer to her as “Mary Anne’s House of pain”. Mary Anne listens to my concerns and then uses her many years of experience to perform her multi skilled technique’s which can include heat, dry needles, ultra sound and her magic thumbs, the short pain is worth the long term gain. Her practise offers flexible hours that is a real benefit that allows my treatment to not impact my working day, five star thumbs up from me.”

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Care Physio Mary Anne Rock
Unit 8/38 Beneke Street
Chermside QLD 4032

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Chermside Aquatic Centre & Water Park
375 Hamilton Rd
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Provider No. 200230RK
NDIS / DVA / Medicare / WorkCover Provider

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